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Bandsman Carollers' Reserve Winter Gin Liqueur

The perfect winter companion

Sometimes it's just a bit cold for a gin and tonic and you need something guaranteed to warm your cockles and guard you against the winter chill.

Bandsman Gin Carollers' Reserve is a winter gin liqueur made using sloes picked from the fertile lands near the River Trent, damsons from a brass banding family in the wilds of the Staffordshire Moorlands, and honey from apiaries in the village of Doddington mere miles from our distillery itself all blended expertly with a variation of our original Bandsman Gin to bring you a special twist on sloe and damson gins of old.

So whether you are out carolling on Christmas Eve, sat curled up in front of a roaring fire, or out for that first walk after fresh snowfall: Carollers' Reserve will prove the perfect companion.


Because of its seasonal nature, Carollers' Reserve is only released from around November to March each year so keep an eye out for this year's release!

Recommended serve? Keep it simple with this one, it's perfect as it is.

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