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About Us

Based in the historic city of Lincoln, The Gentlemen Distillers Ltd is a small family-based company simply wanting to make good gin and do our best to support other local businesses.

The Gentlemen Distillers Ltd was formed in 2018 from a desire to make something we could be proud of and call our own. A year later we released our first product: Bandsman British Gin, in July of 2019 and have not looked back since.

All of us at the Gentlemen Distillers Ltd are or have been musicians playing in brass bands and concert bands, or are strong supporters of community music initiatives. Most of our friends come from banding and it has certainly shaped our lives. Being part of a band is like having a second family: there is no room for one-upmanship or treading on other people’s toes, everyone has their own part to play and it is important that that part goes in just right. The same goes for gin making in that everything has to be balanced just right to create the perfect harmony of flavours. 

In four years we released four gins which make up The Bandsman Ensemble of gins, as well as two gins supporting charitable causes. Now we are looking ahead to other new concepts. Keep an eye out for whatever might come next!

James and Shelby at Matt and Rhi's weddi

Our head distiller James doing what he does best, and his long suffering (and recently married!) wife Shelby: the engine room of the company.

Production room both stills.HEIC

The production room inside Gentlemen Distillers HQ: the beating heart of the distillery.

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