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Bandmaster London Dry Gin

Bandsman gets a promotion!

A Bandmaster is usually the conductor or director of the band: a musician who has dedicated themselves to achieving perfection in their music, and will settle for nothing less than the very best. We have applied these ruggedly high standards to our newest creation: Bandmaster London Dry Gin. 


We spent seven months redeveloping our original Bandsman recipe into something that when redistilled through our handmade copper pot still becomes a crisp, herbaceous drink which is still reminiscent of Bandsman while standing apart as its own style of gin.

Distilled in small batches of one hundred bottles per batch, Bandmaster is a much more hands on product and has proven extremely popular since its release in October 2020.

Perfect as a simple G&T,  or as it says on the bottle: However you fancy!

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