How to drink Bandsman

The idea of Bandsman is that gin is like music: everyone has their own tastes and nobody should be laughed at for their tastes, no matter how wacky they might be!

However, while Bandsman Gin works perfectly as a simple gin and tonic after a long day, we have a few recipes that have gone down very well with our friends.

If you have a favourite way to drink Bandsman then let us know and we will add it to the list!

The Lincoln Imp

A simple homage to our home county of Lincolnshire and a twist on the classic Moscow Mule which uses vodka instead of gin.

50ml of Bandsman Gin

150-200ml Ginger Ale

Plenty of ice


Step in Thyme

From our friends at The Barge, Lincoln. A cocktail that utilises the wide range of herbs that Bandsman uses by adding one that we omitted from the recipe: Thyme.

50ml Bandsman Gin

20ml Lime juice

10ml Thyme syrup

5ml Agave

3 Basil leaves

Garnish with a thyme and basil knot


Kirton Call

Another gorgeous creation from our friends at The Barge, Lincoln. The Kirton Call references our original home in Kirton Lindsey and the "curtain call" experienced by bandsmen who have played a top notch concert!

37.5ml Bandsman Gin

10ml Dry vermouth

20ml Oregano syrup

25ml lemon juice

Dash of Agave

Garnish with a lemon twist